Dressage Yoga
with Demelza Hawes
Dressage Yoga - strength, flexibility and fitness for life
6 LIVE training sessions, direct from our studio, aimed specifically for dressage riders - learn how to flex, stretch and strengthen the areas of our body most used!
Course Starts on the 12th September at 2pm GMT
Lessons occur approximately every two weeks
Scroll down for more information - check out the exercise video at the bottom of the page.
My Yoga Discovery
Unbeknown to me, I have practiced yoga regularly since starting my my dressage training yard some 7 years ago. I found I needed and benefited from stretching my aching muscles each evening after long days training and teaching up to 16 horses/combinations. I simply had to do a short routine before bed, to ease out muscular tensions, relax and settle my mind and prepare me for another busy day to follow.   

Dressage training and coaching is a huge part of my life. I am most happy when enabling and sharing my knowledge with keen riders. My training with the Cadre Noir, and my experience producing horses from foal to - at the moment Inter I - potential Grand Prix means I can equip riders to be the trainers of their own horses. Working with correct mechanisations of both bodies, produces natural, free expressive movements for dressage.   

Teaching and practicing yoga has hugely improved my own training and competition. My posture, skill level, effectiveness of aids and refined movement along with clarity of thought produces a happy me and even better, an understanding and joyous horse leading to a harmonious and elegant performance.   

Combining yoga with Dressage is a no brainer, they fit together like hand in glove. After all good dressage carries the same principles of yoga; strength, flexibility and an overall fitness for life.   

The series of Yoga sessions I will be presenting are specifically for dressage riders aimed at flexing and strengthening areas of the body most used, as well as a look at the guided breath work and visualisation techniques. The benefits will enhance and improve the time spent with your horse and your ability to get it right when training.
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Yoga Interview & Excercises

Before You Start

I put together a couple of little videos for you. One explains a little bit more about me, and why I think Yoga works so well with Dressage.

The 2nd video contains a few exercises to get you started in preparation for the course starting.

About Me & Dressage Yoga
Some Exercises
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